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Boat project management

A team of enthusiasts from the world of the sea, we bring you our organisational know-how, our sailing experience and our expertise to lead your construction or refit project of a yacht of great pleasure.

We collaborate on a daily basis with French and English-speaking interlocutors and create the French/English interface for you.

Renovation, Refit

You buy a used boat or want to transform, renovate yours: we establish with you all the decision-making elements to make your project come to fruition.

Thanks to our expertise and experience, and whatever geographical location you choose for your refit, we are your technical correspondent, like your eyes and ears.


Referenced to all the largest Suppliers of European fittings and equipment, we look, accompany and advise you in your processes of choosing and purchasing equipment and electronics, centralize, organize the logistics and delivery of your orders on board, regardless of the place of delivery.


Far from being our main activity, brokerage is a profession that we have been practising for more than 20 years internationally.

Also, we will be able to both accompany you and advise you in your process of choosing and buying a boat, both organizing the sale and sale of your current boat.

English speakers, we break the barrier of the French and English language to facilitate your research and transactions.


Professional skippers and trainers, we will be happy to pass on our knowledge and the fruits of our most varied experiences.

Helping you discover and take charge of your new yacht, reassuring yourself and coaching you to prepare your first big sailings or accompanying you on the first days or weeks of your trip is part of our credo.

Skippage Convoyage

Professional skippers, we take care of your yacht for transport by cargo, by ferry by sea or as an accompaniment to your crew or yourself.

Give us your boat in complete serenity. Our experiences of all types of boats, sailboat, catamaran, trimaran among the most sophisticated allows us to quickly take control of the specifics of your boat.

Choosing YPM for your project


We work with French and English-speaking interlocutors, partners and suppliers on a daily basis.

We overcome the language barriers for you.


We scan the global boating and equipment market to help you make the best choices.


We apply all our rigor and project management tools best suited to your needs.


Each of us has many sailings, tests, conveyances and support from owners to provide you with the expertise and the most accurate recommendation, the wisest advice.


Your eyes and ears on the job site and savvy buyers, we take care of the rigorous monitoring and optimization of your purchase costs throughout your project to acquire or transform your boat.

The Benefits of a

Project manager

Interface English / French

So that the language barrier is not an obstacle to your choices as well as to the proper realization of your project, we intervene between you and the site for a perfect communication.

Clear, structured and optimized choices, options and equipment

The options, equipment and facilities of your boat are, in some yards, extremely numerous. We support you in defining the right configurations according to your program and your specifications.

Constant international technology watch

We travel through European and International trade shows to achieve the most comprehensive technological and competitive intelligence. Thus, our recommendations are based on an in-depth knowledge of the existing offer in both the field of yachts and equipment.

Consultants vs. Commercials

Unlike many boating salespeople, we rely on our recommendations on our sailing experiences on board many types and models of yacht. Our advice is therefore objective and well-argued.
Our motivation is not the sale at all costs but the optimal proximity of your project and its realization, in short, your satisfaction.

Your eyes and ears

We are regularly present on the site and at the crucial stages of construction to supervise, by proxy, the proper respect of your instructions and wishes.

Optimize your gains on building and equipping your boat

We work with you to consider each expense item and option to decide how much the best cost. We also give you our professional discounts when ordering equipment and fittings. Thus, we allow you to earn between 3 to 6 on the overall budget of your boat.

Monitoring and monitoring of budgets and deadlines

Attentive to the control of the costs and deadlines of your boat project, we manage each of the construction and renovation projects with the utmost rigor.

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Next Boat-Shows

Due to global circumstances, these dates are subject to change.

Miami International Boat Show

February 13-17, 2020 – MIAMI (USA)

Yachting Festival canes

8 to 13 September 2020 – canes

Southampton International Boat Show

11 to 20 September 2020 – Southampton (UK)

Monaco Yacht Show

23 to Saturday 26 September 2020 – Monaco

Boot Dusseldorf

23 to 31 January 2021 – Dusseldorf (Germany)

Miami International Boat Show

February 11-15, 2021 – MIAMI (USA)

Yacht Project Management


Boot: the Düsseldorf Boat Show postponed to April 2021

The organizers of Boot 2021, the largest European exhibition, have announced the postponement of 2021: the Boot will take place from April 17 to 25, 2021

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