“A la carte” Course


Learn to sail as a couple, maneuver in a small crew, anticipate and communicate, man at sea are on the program of this course à la carte … This tailor-made training addresses the proper distribution of manoeuvres and decisions according to the respective capabilities, port manoeuvres, man-recovery manoeuvres at sea, etc. to go sailing as a couple safely.

Our pedagogical approach

This 2-day tailor-made course is for people with a couple, family or friends on your own boat or on a rental boat. However, it is focused on the pair.
Through discussions and situations, we assess your initial level, your apprehensions and your expectations. By going back in a simple and didactic way to the fundamentals, we put you in a "controlled" situation for learning and appropriation of the methods and techniques taught.

Personalised training program

This à la carte training will cover all the techniques, preparations and arrangements you will need to navigate safely as a couple or pair:

  • Couple and leadership: principles and good practices...
  • Port maneuvers at all stations
  • Common maneuvers (laughing, ...)
  • Man recovery maneuvers at sea
  • Offshore sailing in pairs

If you wish and to put into practice, we carry out with you a navigation of more than 24 hours without stopover or stop.

Tariff conditions:

The duration of this training is à la carte (2 days minimum) the duration of which is initially defined during a telephone interview. Meals and sleeping on board are your responsibility.
The trainer usually arrives on board the night before or early in the morning.
Transportation costs are extra. The travel budget and the mode of transport are studied with you.



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“A la carte” Course”

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