Open Water PADI

Intensive Course 3 days


Train yourself in basic diving techniques and deliver you the Open Water PADI, passport for future dives in the four corners of the world… This intensive training consisting of 6 dives over 3 days covers all safety techniques to allow you to dive safely up to 18 meters.

Our pedagogical approach

This 3-day tailor-made training on board your boat is for single people, as a couple, with family or friends on your own boat or on a rental boat.
Through discussions and situations, we assess your initial level, your apprehensions and your expectations. By going back in a simple and didactic way to the fundamentals, we put you in a "controlled" situation for learning and appropriation of the methods and techniques taught.

Personalised training program

This 3-day course will allow you to learn the following skills:

  • rig and degregate your dive block
  • prepare and check your diving gear
  • get you into the water safely
  • immerse yourself in pairs or palanqué
  • communicate underwater and interpret diving signs
  • safe to evolve in near and median space (up to 15-18m)
  • intervene on a troubled pair and bring it to the surface
  • manage its autonomy and diving parameters
  • inflate its block (if you have a compressor on board)

Tariff conditions:

The duration of this training is 3 days, meals and sleeping on board at your expense. It is based on an individual course and can be open to up to 4 divers (300 Euros per additional person).
Included are insurance and the issuance of the international PADI Open Water Diver card.
The trainer usually arrives on board the night before or early in the morning with the equipment (diving blocks, regulators, vests, computers). You are asked to bring your individual equipment (palms, mask, snorkel, diving suit adapted to the water temperature)
Transportation costs are extra. The travel budget and the mode of transport are studied with you.


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Open Water PADI

Intensive Course 3 days”

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