Yacht Project Management

Who’s Who

Jerome C.

Professional skipper and project manager, Jérôme provides the fruit of his 25 years of experience in boating and project management. Touch-to-everything, he is a commercial turn-by-turn in shipyard, yachtbroker, dive center manager, commercial agent, skipper, project manager in digital marketing, …

Today, he accompanies and coaches owners in the management of their project to acquire or build the boat of their dream. His specific background has allowed him to study in detail many units and to know all the details. Passionate, he never ceases to deepen his experience and share all his nautical and technical know-how.

A fine teacher, he is also a state graduate, MSDT PADI and MF2, trainer of diving instructors CMAS 3, specialist in ice diving and in frigid waters and will teach you to master all the techniques of bottle diving.


Our Charter


“Without passion, no elevation” …
The sea, sailing and sailing are some of our common passions.
Around these common tastes and values, we favour the Human. Also, accompanying you in the realization of your desires and your dreams is for each of us an essential engine.

Expert appraisal

Expertise is the result of knowledge and is dressed in experience.
We never cease to observe, confront ourselves, get out of our comfort zones and learn in order to develop our expertise.
Bringing you the benefit of these expertises is the primary meaning of our association of skills.


Confidentiality is a key word for our entire team.
Accustomed to having us entrusted with personal data and information, we cultivate the duty of confidentiality.
Also, you will not find any indication in our communications of our customers or the owners for whom we work.


For each of us, integrity is a fundamental value necessary for the board.
We act with transparency and honesty. It goes hand in hand with our independence of thought.


In perfect harmony with our different values, our transparency in the management of your projects is a guarantee of confidence for our customers.
We are very rich in this area.
Also, our collaborative tools give you access to your entire file.


“Free man, you will always cherish the sea!”
Each of our stakeholders and experts cultivate their independence. Thus, our advice and recommendations only follow the imperative to give you the most accurate information.


Rigorous and precise, we work in the quest and satisfaction of the “job well done”.
Although imbued with the passion of our profession, we keep vigilant to provide you with the most objective advice and advice.

Jean-marc LG

A renowned multihull specialist, Jean-Marc has been acquiring a solid knowledge of the trading, construction and distribution of catamarans and trimarans of all sizes for more than 25 years. From China to Brazil, he likes to “source” unknown construction sites in Europe.

Professional skipper and skipper trainer since 1992, the experience of these 100,000 miles and its 5 deckchairs give him expertise in project management and preparation of your boat.

Jean-Marc is also a sailing instructor, a state graduate of BEES 1.

Marine G.

A professional skipper, Marine has always been immersed in large yachts and racing yachts. Her Captain 200 in her pocket, she embarks to satisfy her passion.

Today, she practices her talents in the preparation of regatta sailboats and will accompany you in your boat buying process.

A teacher, Marine is also a diving instructor and will share all her tips and experiences to learn basic diving gestures and fairing or underwater intervention techniques.

Jeff G.

A former president of an international group, Jeff is passionate about boating. Owner of motorboats, he is now passionate about sailing and especially catamarans. Skipper in second, he co-skippered many boats in the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

He will be able to put his knowledge of manager and project follow-up at your disposal.

Passionate about personal development, this is the official “shaman” of the team.


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