Yacht Project Management

Renovation Transformation Refit

A team of enthusiasts from the world of the sea, we bring you our organisational know-how, our sailing experience and our expertise to lead your construction or refit project of a yacht of great pleasure.

Experts of the multihull, we will also accompany you on all your projects of large sailing, motoryacht or yacht of great pleasure.

With our knowledge of the global market, we will open up far more opportunities for you than just the European market. Also, many of our projects are carried out, for you, in the French or English language with the construction sites and their design office.

Thanks to our collaborative tools, you have seamless access to the progress of your project.

Project management

Developing your specifications according to your program

Through a discussion provided of exchanges, we understand and analyze your needs and the different parameters of your project of refit or transformation. Sharing experiences allows us to guide you to the best of your desires and the “field” reality.

Help with the choice of shipyard and techniques

Our knowledge of the nautical market will allow us to steer you, independently, towards a site of great renown as much as towards a “pearl” unknown to the general public.

Definition and follow-up of renovation, amenities, options and equipment

Search for funding and insurance organizations

We will put you in contact with the financing and insurance agencies as necessary in line with the scope of your need and the level of expertise required.

From A…

Defining and contracting for renovations and equipment

We prepare the consultation files and conduct the comparative analysis of the offers.

Site monitoring and coordination

We become your eyes and ears during the renovation or transformation and represent you during regular visits to the site. We inform you through formal and illustrated written reports for continuous validations.

We also coordinate the various stakeholders. We continuously verify compliance and consistency of work on time, quality and cost.

Tracking budget, deadlines, setting up milestones until delivery

True to project management techniques, we set milestones and track deadlines for accurate planning of the design and completion phases of your work.

Final tests of the yacht and its equipment

We carry out, with or for you, the contradictory sea tests from the focus up to the final delivery tests.

We also test all the equipment installed on board, electronics, home automation, sound, electric, fluids, … under a rigorous process.

Certifications, registrations

Depending on the requirements of your pavilion, we organise the necessary technical and certification visits.

Equipment of your boat

Depending on your specifications and your needs, we select for you the best suppliers of safety and comfort equipment on the market.

We give you professional rates and can arrange the collection, repackaging, storage and complete logistics of your equipment up to the foot of your boat.

… to Z

Preparing your yacht

We assist you in equipping and setting up all the equipment on your yacht. With our experience, we will bring you advice and organization for perfect efficiency and optimal safety on board.

Convoyage and improvement process

Professional skippers and seasoned navigators, we transport your yacht from the shipyard to its home port. This navigation is used to perfect the equipment and safety of the ship.

Crew training

Some yachts are now increasingly technically complex. Beyond the transmission made by the site, we bring our knowledge of home, electrical and electronic systems on board.

How do we work?

Independent and honest consultants

We are above all at the service of your project. Independent of construction sites and equipment manufacturers, we advise you and work in perfect objectivity.

A central interlocutor who knows how to surround himself

Throughout your project, you benefit from a central interlocutor. However, each of us knows how to surround ourselves with skills that we do not have the mastery of to benefit you from them.

Written transmissions and transparencies

We formalize all the elements in writing systematically.

Thanks to our collaborative tools, you have seamless access to all communications and documents related to your project.

Several fee and operating modes

Whether you want a project manager for one-off needs, both part and full-time, we adapt our way of calculating fees by the day or as a percentage of your project as part of a long-term mission.

Contact us

Swiss Office: +41 (0)225 180 496

French Office: +33 (0)2 30 91 50 30

Email: [email protected]


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